Congratulations to the winners

of our Win your annual Water and Sewer Bill contest for 2022

Jen Basque

City of Moncton

Sue Arsenault

Town of Riverview

Welcome to TransAqua

TransAqua is now the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission’s official public face, brand and communication vehicle.

It is the next logical evolution from the Commission’s initial focus on collecting and treating sewage, to its leadership in terms of generating high quality and well accepted compost from biosolids.

The reinvigorated mandate of TransAqua is now on the quality of the output from its treatment process and discharge into the Petitcodiac River. The organizational focus is on environmental stewardship rather than purely on meeting regulatory requirements.

The Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission’s focus is on our end product – CLEAN WATER

  • TransAqua - allows the emphasis to be placed on our objective: Transforming wastewater into clean water
  • Trans – reinforces the transformation process
  • Aqua – reinforces the water focus
  • It is also bilingual 

We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site where we have aimed to provide an overview of our activities from the operations, governance as well as community engagement and regulatory perspectives.

Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated as we aim to improve our communications efforts and best serve our stakeholder’s expectations.

If you are interested in receiving updates on TransAqua – Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission, please register at the bottom of the page.

And remember our focus: “transforming wastewater back to nature”