A key component of the GMWC’s success is the ability to interact with its municipal partners and work with them to ensure that we meet their expectations and long-term needs.

For this purpose, the GMWC has established a Technical Committee which meets with senior municipal partner engineers on a regular basis. This initiative has been essential in ensuring that the GMWC is cognizant of, and focuses on, their priorities. It also allows for long term planning and coordination of activities between the Commission and its partner municipalities.

As well, the GMWC meets annually meetings with municipal chief financial officers to ensure that municipal and Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission financial priorities are synchronized where possible.

GMWC partners with many local environmental groups promoting environmental messaging and action that supports the aquatic health of the Petitcodiac River.

The GMWC activities are guided by the Clean Environment Act such that there is an established requirement in terms of when specific activities are undertaken, for instance:

  • The GMWC must provide its partner municipalities with a draft budget 45 days prior to the Commission scheduled vote to finalize and accept it
  • The GMWC must also provide its partner municipalities and the Province of NB with a copy of the accepted subsequent year budget by November 30th

As part of our annual budget review efforts, the GMWC presents its draft budget to our three stakeholder municipal councils prior to voting on accepting it. It should also be noted that each municipality names two members of the Commission as its representatives.