The GMWC is committed to promoting and actively pursuing the beneficial use of biosolids produced from its wastewater treatment plant in an environmentally sustainable manner while being fiscally responsible.

The GMWC is committed to consistently producing a Biosolids Compost Product, referred to as Gardener’s Gold Compost (Compost Soil Conditioner and Compost Mulch) and meeting or exceeding the CCME Category A.

The GMWC will implement this policy by:

  • Complying with, and striving to exceed, all applicable federal, provincial, and local regulations and laws
  • Managing its biosolids in an environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and cost-effective manner
  • Optimizing the environmental and business performance while striving to reduce the ecological footprint
  • Seeking the commitment of its employees to environmental stewardship through communication, education, and recognition
  • Delivering exceptional public service to its customers / partners
  • Striving to serve as a role model, and leader, in the wastewater treatment and biosolids management fields
  • Evaluating continually diversified beneficial use options that provide potential for improved efficiencies and, or better, meet the needs of the community
  • Providing effective communication with the general public, and providing ongoing information about the Biosolids Management Program, to continually educate and increase awareness of the beneficial uses of biosolids
  • Making this policy available to its partners, the municipalities of Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe, the Province of New Brunswick and the general public

Moreover, the GMWC will follow the principles of conduct set forth in the National Biosolids Partnership’s Code of Good Practice.